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 What is your biggest WTF moment

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PostSubject: What is your biggest WTF moment   Mon Feb 11, 2008 5:08 pm

I wise goblin pose a qustion to you! cheers

You've been on the computer/console for hours now. you can almost taste that victory/lvl up/ achevment/bonus/game completion/epic whatever afro . you hands are sweaty as you play out the last final moments of your game labor, when sudinly, blank, your mind strains to understand what just happened. your tv/monitor is not as you had it but blue/black. then sudinly your mom/dad/sibling/room mate/girlfreind/boyfreind/spous/neahbor yells "the powers out/power surge/i didnt pay the bill/Ha how do you like it?" and suddinly you relize that all your work for the past 8 hours/days/years has disapeared for ever in the blink of an eye pale . and all you can choke out as this reality sets in is affraid "WTF!"

whats your story?
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What is your biggest WTF moment
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